Your Ianos Avyssos is a manual wound watch with an approximate power reserve of 42 hours when fully wound, featuring a screw down crown.

To us, a manual wound movement creates a meaningful connection between the wearer and the watch. As you settle into your winding ritual, you will learn to recognize its movements, sounds and pressure points, which we hope will strengthen your love for the pure mechanical nature of the Avyssos.


1.      Unscrew the crown by turning the crown counter-clockwise until you feel the crown has fully unscrewed.

2.      Gently pull the crown out one position. You will hear a click with the position change.

3.      Set the time by rotating the crown clockwise.

4.      Once time is set, push in the crown one position. You will again hear a click.

5.      Wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise for a few times until you feel a slight pressure as you wind the crown.

6.      Release the crown.

7.      Gently push the crown down, and as you are holding it, rotate the crown clockwise until you screw the crown down completely.