In Greek, Avyssos (Abyss) is used to describe the deepest and darkest parts of the soul, the sea and, in some cases, the sea itself. Dark, frightening, mysterious but also inviting, endless and alive.

To us, Avyssos means the depth which divers have been drawn to for generations, heeding the call of their most basic instincts of discovery and exploration, constantly pushing the limits of human ability and touching the impossible. 

The Avyssos is a rethought and redesigned tool watch, made to be worn and beaten relentlessly, all in a timeless, elegant, utilitarian package while combining our two major inspirations on its unique dial. The Antikythera Mechanism and the legendary kampanelopetra technique of Greek sponge divers.

The stainless steel body, scratch proof sapphire crystal, the 30ATM/300m depth, the ETA 7001 movement and the re-designed hollow see-through case back make this a formidable companion for every modern diver.

ianos watches ianos avyssos blue steel closeup dial.jpg

THE Antikythera mechanism

Taking inspiration from classic era diver watches, we wanted our dial to make a bold statement, while providing easy legibility of the basic information required from a diver watch. 

We have therefore rethought the entire purpose of the diver watch and have focused on the most important information needed to a diver during a dive - that his watch is working.

In order to provide such information in a clear and concise way, we have replaced the inefficient and often illegible seconds hands with an Antikythera Mechanism-inspired small seconds mechanism, replicating the shape of the main gear of the more than 2000 year old mechanism.

We have thus reduced a very complicated ancient mechanism which was once used to count Olympiads, eclipses and star movements, to its most basic function of counting seconds and working condition; information available to the diver with a single glance. 

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While the world learned about the Symian sponge divers and the "kampanelopetra" technique through the legendary dive of Stathis Hatzis, Greek freediving history spans millenia, a fact that we wanted to be clearly represented on the dial of the watch, as a constant reminder of the historical continuity of our freediving history and heritage.

Paying homage to the sponge divers who found the Antikythera wreck and their ancient heritage, we have incorporated the iconic "kampanelopetra" design into the dial as hour markers, as a symbol of the divers' unbreakable spirit in the face of daily danger and adversity.

Furthermore, in order to accentuate this ancient diving technique and the age of the Antikythera mechanism, inspiration we have given the dial a sandpaper texture to give the watch a more used and vintage feel in line with classic vintage divers, the numbers and minute indicators are cut-out, resulting in a beautifully designed and constructed sandwich dial. 

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The Avyssos is not another diver watch. Every detail of the dial and the case has been designed with a specific purpose in mind. 

The bezel features a screw-like design to define the watch's functional utility and provide better grip in and out of water while the case itself has been thoroughly thought out and designed from the ground up. The slightly curved shape hugs the wrist while its slanted sides provide a more slim profile for a 44mm watch that looks and feels much smaller.

Aiming to enable functionality, utility and comfort, the case back features a deep channel in which a NATO strap can be passed through and concealed. This way, the need for springbar tools is eliminated and the watch embraces the strap, leading to unparalleled comfort and wear.

In continuation of our commitment to our inspiration, the Avyssos features an open caseback with a circular window mirroring the design of the Antikythera small seconds mechanism through which the balance wheel of the ETA 7001 can be seen.



The Avyssos is equipped with an ETA 7001 movement which we believe encapsulates the soul of the Avyssos in its simplicity and functionality. 

Inspired by the men who dove for millennia into the abyss using only a rope and rock, we too wanted a movement which was simple, efficient, tested and dependable, to correspond with the simple, crude, yet effective diving technique utilized by Greek sponge divers, unchanged through the ages. 

We also wanted the wearer to appreciate the Avyssos on a more personal level as a piece of inspirational utility and to give him every opportunity to touch and renew his appreciation of the watch.

The ETA 7001 fits perfectly into this vision, building a strong personal connection between the watch itself and the person who brings it to life through its manual winding.




  • Swiss Made

  • ETA 7001 - Mechanical Manual Movement

  • Size 10’’’ 1/2 (ø23.70mm)

  • 17 Jewels

  • Power reserve approx. 42 hours

  • Oscillator frequency: 21,600 A/h - 3hz


  • 44mm diameter

  • 54mm lug to lug

  • Stainless steel 316L

  • Water resistance 300m/30ATM

  • Unidirectional stainless bezel with luminescent index

  • Domed sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating

  • Screw-down stainless steel crown

  • See-through case back with mineral glass

  • NATO strap channel for 20mm strap


  • Italian leather strap cured with an underside coating ensuring water usability and great aging

  • Italian made rubber NATO strap

  • Stainless steel 316L pin buckle with IANOS logo and strap loop


  • Sandwich dial with cut-out luminescent numerals

  • Customised sandpaper dial surface

  • Innovative "antikythera" seconds cage structure with revolving mechanism and luminescent background