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Ianos was born with the purpose of bringing to life untold stories of ancient legend, history and science through the art of watchmaking.

To pay homage to the accomplishments of our ancestors, revisit them from a modern outlook, redesign archaic technologies and bring them into modernity, always maintaining a balance between the highest quality and affordability.  

To bring the golden mean of symmetry, proportion and harmony, the three elements of beauty, back to modern watchmaking.

To deconstruct the design elements and unique qualities of vintage watches, rethink their utility and bring their soul into the 21st century. 

Through this process, we aim to create high quality Swiss Made watches inspired by the past, designed for today. 


Our design inspiration stems from historical facts and ancient legends which permeate our culture and define who we are, as a basis of our perception, knowledge, and our very existence.  

In our quest to find a balance between classic design, timeless class, vintage feel and contemporary utility, we have drawn our watch inspiration from vintage watches, particularly of the 50s through 70s, which left a mark on the industry with their innovation, originality and simplistic design.

We now look to the future and strive to reinvent and rethink the fundamental purpose and requirements of a wristwatch, suitable for everyday use in the 21st century.

In our effort to do so, we focus on what works and have rethought what needs to change in order to create a vintage inspired watch with modern utilitarian design.


IANOS encompasses all those aspects that make us unique: A deep appreciation for Greco-roman history and tradition, a sense of continuity and fluidity and a combination of old inspiration and new outlook. 

In ancient Rome, the Romans looked to Ianus (Ianos in Greek), their primordial god, the god of beginnings, endings and time itself for guidance and inspiration. Being two-faced (Geminus), Ianos knew both the past and the future, presided over all beginnings and endings and was the symbol of change and transition from the past to the present. 

Today, we invoke Ianos to guide us through an exploratory journey to the past in search of inspiring stories, traditions and technology with which to build a solid foundation for the future in our goal to produce timeless and utilitarian timepieces with minimal modern design and Swiss made quality.

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